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Laptop Battery Problems Win 10


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I seem to have a problem with my laptop battery. The old one would not charge so I replaced it with a new one and that charged up fine in Win 7 and gave a charging % indicator to say it was charging and time left, the charger is fine and has been tested.


I have since upgraded to Win 10 and the battery is now showing as present but with 0%. I have done the usual of uninstalling the ACP Compliant battery controller, Turned off the laptop, unplugged the power supply, took out the battery, then held down the power key for 20 seconds and then powered back up again but still the same. 


Any ideas at all as I dont want to put back the win 7 image I made unless necessary .

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Make sure you have the correct Chipset/System Management drivers from the Manufacturer website...

beyond that, You could check if the battery is actually still working, potentially in the BIOS (some have a battery diag/monitor option in there) - or something like a Linux Live boot or something!

If you're still stuck, remove the battery, boot up windows, make sure it shows as 'plugged in, not charging' (etc) then insert the battery while windows is running, see if it changes / reports it differently..

it could always be that you just need to use it, (charge/dis-charge) a couple of times for windows to realise also! :) (shouldn't be the case, but I have known it)

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