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Nicknames For Older People That Lived Or Lived Near You?


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Did you either have nicknames for people that use to live near you when you were a kid.?

Our neighbour was called Bill Archer who we called Dan Archer from the radio show.

Most recently we have little man and wobbly wobbly woman.

At one of the forms I worked was a chap that was responsible for all the industrial diamonds for the machines. He was called Diamond Jim Smith.

Union Shop steward Brian Pickford was called Lurch.

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 This reminds me of that movie Married To The Mob . There is a character in the film nickknamed Johnny Cucumber, in one scene, a dumb type of  mobster asks another how he got that nickname. The other guy answers in a straight face, "Take a wild guess":hihi:

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Old people near me when I was young were Humpty Dumpty  an old man who could only walk a very short distance without sitting on somebody’s wall. Major Watson fancied himself as a soldier. Jane we had Upside down head too, big bushy red/grey beard and bald head.

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We had a neighbor at the bottom of our garden on the Arbourthorne who took great pride in his garden.  Us kids were always going over to retrieve our balls. He was a miserable old soul, and if he was outside he'd keep the balls. Grandma always referred to him as Silam Case, so that's how we knew him. So we'd keep asking him, Mr. Case, can we have our ball back please?


Turns out she was calling him an "asylum case"! No wonder he wasn't very happy with us. lol

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