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Blade Runner (1982) & The Running Man (1987) Double-Bill Screening


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Each set in the year 2019, a sci-fi double-bill screening featuring two classics of the genre - Blade Runner (1982), and The Running Man (1987), will take place at Sheffield's historic Abbeydale Picture House.


Unquestionably one of the greatest and most influential films of all time, Blade Runner takes on a whole new dimension this year - with director Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic being set in November 2019.


In the 21st-century, Blade Runner's are assigned to hunt down and eliminate "replicants" - genetically engineered humanoids.
Detective Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) hunts for fugitive replicants, and while tracking down a replicant group who escaped from an off-world colony to Earth, he finds himself drawn to a mysterious woman, whose secrets may undermine his very soul.

A visually spectacular and stylish science fiction thriller, Blade Runner is one of cinema's most powerful and enduring films.


We then tune in to witness a game of life and death on the highest rated Television Show in history - The Running Man.


In the year 2019, an innocent man accused of a crime has a choice - Hard Time, or Prime Time.
He must pay, or play for the prize - his life, in a game of survival against brutal "stalkers", broadcast live to a national audience.


In a world obsessed with reality TV, where politics and entertainment are intertwined, The Running Man is a game where the rules are about to change... starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his most iconic roles.


Hosted at Sheffield's historic Abbeydale Picture House - a Grade II listed 1920's Picture Palace Cinema, bringing the sense of occasion to match two of cinema's sci-fi classics.


Saturday November 2nd




Doors open - 6pm


Blade Runner (The Final Cut) starts - 7pm


9pm - interval


The Running Man starts - 9:30pm


Age 18+ only.


Tickets available here:


Facebook event:


See our feature review of Blade Runner here:




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