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Mobility Scooter Not Working Please Help


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Hi I purchased a mobility scooter of someone on Facebook. I don't know what kind it is as there is no name on it.  I've had it a couple of months now but only used it 3 times for short about 1 mile journeys as I've not been well and unable to use it. It's stored in garage and charged every 2 weeks as advised by mobility shop because it's not Bering used much. 

  Was working fine left it out side for an hour went out to use it and it won't start.

the battery indicator lights on the tiller are flashing up and down and it won't start.  Please help I contacted the person I bought it from and he is saying was working fine when you tried it. Just went round his garden in it.  He says buy as seen and that's what happens when you buy second hand.  Please advise 






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Somewhere around the battery will be a  trip switch. It's small and inside a rubber cover. If it was outside in the rain it may have tripped. Turn off the key, press it in, turn on the key and try again. If that fails you need to check the battery terminals are tight. 


If it keeps failing, post again, if you're not too far from me, I'll come and look at it for free. I'm not qualified as either an electrician or mechanic but my mum in law has a scooter, my wife has two (little and large) and we have an electric wheelchair,  so I'm quite used to finding problems.


If it needs work on it and its minor and fixable on the spot, I'll do it for free, if its requiring major work or outside my scope, I'm afraid it's back to posting for help.


Good luck.

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