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Robert Mugabe Dies

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2 minutes ago, Robin-H said:

Violent oppressor of his own people. I'm not sure how anyone could argue otherwise... 

I was sitting on the fence with the question I posed.   Uniquely I'd say he actually both.  I guess it all depends whether you were his flavour of the month. 

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20 minutes ago, Baron99 said:

Robert Mugabe has died. 




Will he be missed? 


Patriotic anti colonialist or violent oppressor of his own people? 



He was both.


Like many anti-colonial leaders, he was the people’s champion and a genuine hero when it came to liberating the people. Once liberated, it is very easy to see the fight as over and to start to take what you see as the rewards of peace.


Every good revolutionary should never forget that the hard work and the difficult part starts when you come to power, not ends.

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I have friend who was brought up in Zim. My friend  goes back home whenever possible and takes as much in the way of aid as will fit in luggage. Mugabe had gangs of bully boys and thugs who were used to terrorise people. Productive farm land was taken from people who had lived here for years and who provided education and health care for their employees. That land has been given over to 'friends' of the regime who have evicted all the former employees from their homes and turned the land into compounds - it has all gone back to being bush. The people of Zimbabwe have had their bank accounts plundered and gangs of government controlled thugs forcible search homes and 'confiscate' any money and valuables they find. Anyone who disagrees with what is happening is rounded up and 'interrogated'. This all began under Mugabe and has been carried on by the present government. 

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Slaughter the perceived opposition then have rigged elections is how Mugabe gained enough power to do anything he fancied .

Blaming white people gave a convenient excuse to strip the wealth from the prosperous and pass it along to his cronies who then asset stripped the country


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