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Jake Wright On Loan

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Sad really to see Jake Wright being loaned out.I think without him in our defence in the League One days we could well have not had this great journey we have come on which has seen us land in the Prem.He was so solid and dependable can honestly say I can not remember him making a mistake in the defence.I think I am right in saying we never lost a match in the league when he was in the team (please put me right if this is wrong)which ended with us getting 100 points.He is just what Bolton want good luck Jake I will be watching with interest.

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He did a job for us at the level that he was employed to do so, for that I am thankful.


But....Business talks and in this league, he has merely been picking up a wage and we dont need that. He won't ever feature in a top flight team, so this move suits all parties. 


Will give nothing short of 100% for Bolton, so he is a very good acquisition for them guys.


All the best Jake Wright and thank you.

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