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Unable To Send Doc To C Drive As Not Showing.


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I have win 10.

Bit more info:


I got the win10 desktop at beginning of this year.

It seemed logical & easier to take the spare drive (that contained a copy of all my files) out of the old win XP pc, and put in the win 10. This is how  all my files-old & new ones are on the drive known as E drive.

If I click on a file or folder that is on E, the only option that appears in the drop down menu  as a potential drive to 'send to' is the dvd drive.

I don't understand why C is not appearing as an option. C is otherwise visible & usable.  There are no problems if I save a new file to it, or DL to it. :huh:


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I had a feeling you had W10. Unfortunately, I have no access to a machine with that OS now - and never will have, so I can't really offer any suggestions.


One question though -somewhere there should be a list of all drives on the machine - is your E drive visible in that list?


Your best hope is that Ghozer or someone with knowledge of W10 and drive mapping &c. spots this. There must be a way of accessing 'E' from 'C' and moving/copying files - it is something I do on a daily basis on my W7 machine between  'C' and 'D' - the two partitions on my HD, and between various external drives.

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38 minutes ago, Happ said:

“Send To” does not show the OS drive by default on any Windows platforms. You can modify the Send To list if required as it just a folder holding the options available. See the followimg article for examples. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/customize-the-windows-vista-send-to-menu/

Thanks @Happ- I was forgetting that I don't use that option - and confusing things - if I want to move/copy files or folders, I use the 'edit' function on the toolbar, much more flexible.


I assume this functionality is still available in W10, but can't check as I no longer have access to a machine running that OS.

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Right click file or folder, > Copy (or Cut to move)
go to C drive (where you want the file or folder) right click in the white-space, > Paste...

or just right click on a new folder and click paste, it will put straight into said folder...

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