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Mountfield Lawnmower

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Good Morning,


Can anyone help me please? I have a Mountfield Petrol  Mower that is mis-firing. I know it’s nothing major as  I only purchased it s few months ago. 


Can anyone one help please I am wanting to use it today!


Many Thanks Nicola 😁

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2 minutes ago, meathead said:

I don’t want to start messing with it as I don’t have a clue! Tried looking where the spark plug was yesterday but I’m unsure love 😃

Follow the h t lead and then pull it off the spark plug.  

Is the lead on the plug tight as it needs to be on tight .how old is the mower ?

also last time you used it did you run all fuel out of it or leave some in ,if you’ve left some in the fuel can go off and block the  carburettor  Etc 


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35 minutes ago, carosio said:

Good point on the possibility of blocked carburettor.

How does the engine run, ie, mis-fire enough to prevent you using it? Does it start ok?

I’m I’ve tried the neighbour 😂 and yes for future reference I shall purchase a spare plug many thanks 😃

It starts ok it just sounds different, I’m able to cut the grass but the noise is annoying 

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