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Wordpress Supsystic Tables Help Required

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Have a problem getting lists into alphabetical order.

Website shows them in alphabetical order but when we need to amend an entry

they are in random order in Wordpress Supsytic Tables.

Supsystic have given us info to correct but does not work, have contacted them

several times.

Anybody out there want to help.


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how is the info stored? if it's in a database, you could edit the query to order by alphabetical in given column...


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thanks for the reply,   it appears it may be a sales ploy, it seems the only way to solve it is to buy their pro version.


Very bad though when the website entries are alphabetical but on their program they random.


I am not very savvy when it comes to things like this but my colleague is.

very frustrating and time consuming having to scroll hundreds to amend or delete one entry.


If you fancy a challenge get back to me and will discuss with my colleague






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