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How Uefa Plan On Bringing In A European Super League By The Back Door


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Read this article today quite interesting, from 2024 they are considering restructuring the Champions league,  there will be 32 teams in four groups of eight.  The concern is that 24 sides will retain their Champions League places each season regardless of their performances at home. It is a fundamental shift that undermines the importance of the domestic game. There are also plans to introduce another European trophy to give some of the smaller leagues more access to continental competition.

How  can they call it the champions league anyway, it ought to be renamed the Champions and runners up League.  If it happens what is going to happen with the PL will the big teams will want to opt out of the cup matches  due to having extra matches to play.




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Agree entirely with your comments   but as you will be aware UEFA have been plotting this ruse for about 25 years with the top teams from England, Germany, Spain, Italy ,Holland, Scotland (yes the jocks) altho' French teams were not considered but neither were Man City or Chelsea in the dark 80s seasons for them.

Interesting about 'teams from smaller league's', perhaps they mean teams like Grimsby Town, Leyton Orient, or even Chesterfield and Fylde enjoy  having a mid-week outing to the far reaches of the former Soviet Union ?

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Said it all along.  Thought Sky would have thrown their billions at it & beat UEFA to it first.  


The English Premier will be a promotion / relaxation league at the top end of the table to feed the European league.  Scotland either won't get a look in or they'll have one up, one down. 


Sky will pull the money rug from under the Premiership & then all the fun will begin in the short term for a while with Premier clubs having to find the cash for extortionate player wages they can no longer afford. 

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