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Garage Room

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1 hour ago, Top Cats Hat said:

My garage has a side window and a big picture window overlooking the garden. 


I doubt whether the Council knows or cares about it. 


It is still a garage.

They should have a record of it even if it didn't need planning permission. They don't usually allow windows where they immediately over look a neighbour.  If its facing your own garden it isn't a problem.


We lived on a cul de sac. The front of my neighbours house was in line with the back of mine. Anyone going up their drive could see straight in to my back garden but that never bothered me.  Their garage was directly on the border so the window on the side of their garage was about two thirds down my garden giving no privacy at all. They were friends but I wasn't sure how they would react if I asked them to put obscure glass in the window. When they had an inspection for change of use the council insisted on that so saved me the job of raising the issue. 


I challenged my council tax banding about fifteen years ago. The council unearthed some plans (including later outbuildings / garage) from the 1970s. The outbuilding (large garage) was built some time after the house in the 70s or 80s.  My point is, the council will have plans if the building is legal. If its a garagae it may be fine but not if its converted. If the op isn't changing anything then its as I said previously, its still a garage. 

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