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Bournemouth Vs Blades

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31 minutes ago, Ridgewalk said:

The wind, rain, sun ,moon, Ref all againstWednesday that night.  At least United had a go last Saturday 

No just injuries and poor form.

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20 hours ago, web1 said:

Sorry but United were awful and very lucky to not end up 3/4 down.

wilder and United were lucky with a lot of decisions going there way last year. Give it a few games and wilder will get found out and will revert back to lump it long hit and hope. Players not good enough to sustain any sort of challenge and for those saying the prem is a different beast your wrong. There’s a handful of teams who are a class apart but the rest are only as good as most championship teams. United are having a Roy of the Rovers moment and the bubble will burst spectacularly. Enjoy it while you can.

I think I am right in thinking this bubble has been going to pop for the last three years according to all those experts at Sheff 6.Have you any PREDICTIONS when this bubble is going to pop I am fed up of waiting.At least those at the Lane have actually got a bubble some around here have been waiting a lot longer than 3 years to have one.

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