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Just like Taggies Ice Cream!!

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OK here goes, a couple of years ago we retired outside the UK to a warmer place having lived in Heeley from 1950 (our family dates back to the early 1800's in Heeley)

The ice creams in the supermarkets here are the same old same old as available  in the UK so we decided to buy a domestic  ice cream maker and have a go ourselves.

We started out making the basic recipe as suggested in the instruction booklet with the intentions  of "adjusting" it to suit our taste, on our first tasting attempt we  looked at each other  and simultaneously uttered the magic word, "Taggies!" I've heard a few people over the years say that they have tasted ice cream "like" Taggies, this IS Taggies.

As most of you Heeley folk out there will have tasted the magical potion, you'll know that the recipe is said to have gone to the grave with him when he died, I do seem to remember someone buying the vans the equipment and having a go themselves but didn't reign too long, I think they called it "Baggies" (see what they did there?)

You would expect the recipe to be complicated and contain special ingredients but it's simplicity itself using everyday stuff. I know that people will be skeptical about being able to reproduce something that has remained a secret for all this time but the truth is that we came across it by pure chance.

With reverence to the Battle family I don't think it would be fair to just give away their "secret" that I have stumbled across but I also know what passion that magical taste has to Heeley folk so I would urge you get out there, get a machine (not much money in the UK) and have a go yourselves. You would have the advantage over me as I can't get Jersey milk over here but the combination of milk and a little cream that we use seems to work to perfection. We can only make a litre at a time but we think that may be enough for our own consumption, I'm eating one right now.


Good luck and best regards to Heeley,



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