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White Cops On Horseback Leads Handcuffed Black Man Through Streets On Rope

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On 08/08/2019 at 11:11, Borista336 said:

oooh you cant say that on here, some people think otherwise the entitled that is! its a shame we dont parade criminals what ever colour through our streets like this more often here in the UK in fact bring back the stocks for layabouts and drunks , druggies etc

100% agree with you on that one 👍

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3 hours ago, Branyy said:

Just a black man specifically? What about a white man? And what about half-black? Or darker skinned Indians? What about native Americans?

i wouldnt be happy seeing a white man paraded like that either, surely it must go against the police forces own code of conduct, surely it must say something about treating prisoners with respect? and that treatment falls far short of that

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12 hours ago, XXTickerXX said:

That's strange .... From wikipedia


Professional career[edit]

Swain received tenure as an associate professor of politics and public policy at Princeton University.[4][5][7] From 1999 to 2017, she taught political science and law at Vanderbilt University.[4][7] She retired from her post at Vanderbilt in 2017.[8]


Did I say anywhere at all that it was or wasn't?!?!?!?  Please post what was factually incorrect about it. 


So black people can not have a different political view from you or try to run for office?  I'm sure there's a word for that. Raci.......it will come to me. Those pesky black people getting above their station, is that what you meant?


 I honestly did not know it was a prerequisite to attach a full political bio and history to every post. Thank you for pointing that out I will endear to point it out on every post on the forum. 

God forbid a black Christian Conservative having critical views on a different religion. What was she thinking having her own thoughts on Islam after a terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo. 

You have proved exactly zero of what was said was wrong. Dazzle me with facts. 


The Democrats try to convince their party to not only overlook 140 years of history of their slavery and racism, but to completely hate, despise, and reject the party that actually liberated them. Racism is abysmal, but falsely accusing others of racism is abysmal too.


There were still racist Democrats well into the 1960's, including Lyndon B. Johnson, a public racist Democrat who was outspoken about signing the civil rights movement to "get them stupid n------'s votin' democrat for them next two hundred years". That's actually what he said right before he signed the Civil Rights Act "to prevent them n-----'s from gettin' too uppity 'dese days".


The Civil Rights Act was written by a Republican Senator. Martin Luther King Jr. AND Rosa Parks, two prominent civil rights activists, who were registered voting Conservative Republicans. The only "switch" that happened was when Johnson signed the bill into law, he made Dr. King promise to get his followers to vote democrat. Which they did, only to lose to Nixon. They offered the black community the modern day form of slavery in exchange for their vote. Today in America they call it welfare.


Your source is not a Professor -anywhere.

Your source appears in a video  paid for a  by a political group that pretend to be a  University.

Your source asks for money to help promote a political organization that support her views.


Could you provide a source that isn't so tainted?





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