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Sheffield Music History Print - 200+ Groups Included & More

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Hi everybody, 

During the last months I've been working in compiling Sheffield's rich music history from the 70s to present times.  The print includes more than 200 local bands across more than 20 genres and more.  You can find more about the project on my site: https://bit.ly/2OFNsjW


I would love to know your thoughts and feel free to suggest any of your favourite local artists so I can add them before it goes to the printer.


Thanks kindly,

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PJs ONE DROP    top reggae ska band,playing with the top south london band the dualors,and at lots of big gigs in sheffield including our festival,you care welcome to photo any of our bands all in a marqee this sun if it helps,theres the famous macka B and the abelwell foundation who have sang/toured with the wailors and irie white from sheffield now based in skegness,email stephen.rich@hotmail.co.uk if you wish

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