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Who Is Responsible For This ?

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43 minutes ago, Janus said:

I was referring to the height of a neighbour's trees. There has never been a law relating to a neighbour coming round to cut the sides of someone's trees :D


I'm very curious to know how you manage to cut the tops of your neighbours trees if they are taller than the house. That must be something like 30 feet? 

We  don't cut the trees, I was referring to the hedge between our properties.  One of the trees is a very tall oak tree  ( you are guessing the height  accurately)  and is at the bottom of her garden, the others  are on the boundary between our gardens and are about 20 ft high.  I consider myself lucky that they are at the bottom of the garden. We could have the   branches  on our side pruned but it would be expensive (we are too old to do this ourselves) and it wouldn't help with the lack of sunlight.

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On 04/08/2019 at 18:34, Padders said:

I have fencing down both sides, if the fence blows down in high winds , who fixes it?

According to the house deeds the right hand side is the neighbours responsibility , the left hand side mine.


Unless a neighbour puts up their own fence within their boundary. I moved in to a new estate in 1992. The gardens had builders posts with two horizontal bits of wood on. My neighbour at the bottom nailed some extra bits on and made it look tacky, my neighbour at one side left 'my boundary side' to me and the other side wasn't bothered so I fenced all three sides. One on the boundary the other two slightly in from the original markers (which I left in).  

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