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Gareth Bale Being Treated Badly By Zidane?

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On 03/08/2019 at 16:22, Baron99 said:

Reading a piece in the i newspaper today that raised the question that I've not thought of. 


At this moment, "What does Gareth Bale actually want?" 


To play golf apparently, thats what he seems to do with most of his time out there.

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On 05/08/2019 at 10:20, JamesR123 said:

When did you start watching?  It has always been uneven.


Number of different title winners per decade

1970s - 5

1980s - 4

1990s - 4

2000s - 3

2010s - 4


If Liverpool win the league this year, the decade would have produced the most unique winners in 5 decades.

1960s,there were 8 different champions that decade,starting with Burnley in 59-60,Ipswich were the shock winners in 62,everton won it twice after a gap of 30 years,leeds got their first title,with man u and liverpool  and spurs,man c won it in 67.its allright quoting theres 4 different winners each decade,but,Leicester apart and Blackburn one year its always been the same clubs,these days its man c  man u or chelsea

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