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Looking For Lisa Blagden (Maiden Name) Worked At Manpower In 1990s & Then Nurse

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I used to work with Lisa Blagden in the late 80s/early 90s at Manpower Services Commission at the bottom of the Moor in Sheffield (changed its name many times since).   We worked in the TEC team and were friends for a few years before I moved to Leeds.  She got in touch with me around 2000s but we lost touch again.  She had just had a child.  She left Manpower and became a nurse but not sure if it was Hallamshire or not.   I have a photo but can't see how to upload one. 


If anyone thinks they know who this is (I know it's a long shot) please let me know.    She will be in her late 40s now . 


Thank you

Julie (my name used to be Trigg)

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Hello, I knew a Lisa Blagden but unfortunately I don't her whereabouts. She was the daughter of a very dear friend of mine who sadly passed away some years ago. The only possible link I can give you is that she has older brother called Phil,  shell also had an elder sister called Carol who tragically passed away at a young age. Sorry I don't have anything more useful.



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