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Advertising Ideas For Our Plumbing Business

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As advertising changes and moves away from the traditional yellow pages or local newspaper adverts, we as a business are interested to know where people generally go to when they are looking for a trade? 

We are a plumbing business of over 30 years (Pete Green & Sons Plumbing) but have noticed that most of our work is from recommendations and existing customers. Any tips appreciated, without breaking the bank. 

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You could have some decent flyers made and target an area you are interested in,family and friends could post them through doors and it’s basically the cost of the flyers.

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You are going the right way using Facebook as a means of getting exposure, ads are cheap and the reach is tremendous. You do get a high bounce rate from landing pages but if you couple it with a newsletter signup to mailchimp you get to keep them for another day. You might need to send at least 4/5 emails before people start looking or unsubscribing.

If you know a builder and a carpenter etc. you can create your own work group and recommend each other.

Don't pay Yell and other directories as no one goes there. It is ALL Google so make sure your GMB page is up to date with new reviews and pictures. Bing brings you a tiny exposure and worth doing as its Free.

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Posted (edited)

You gotta think how people buy stuff like plumbing.

I would guess mainly when they have a problem like blocked pipes.


They will usually think


"Who do I know that can take away this pain?"


They see you - or are recommended - think "This guy looks like he knows what he is doing - might give him a ring"


That puts you in the ball park of every other Joe Blow out there with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.


That's because they will have a van that says "Joe Blow Plumber. Established 30 years. Free estimates." Blah Blah boring zzzz (Most importantly -  doesn't take pain away).


Bad place to be.


Here is what I would do.


Have some small cards printed (on ebay)  Postcard size. (A6 I think)


They have a list PAIN that you take away one side.


"I will unblock your toilet or you don't pay"


"I will install a downstairs toilet so your kids stop arguing (and grandad can get to easily)"


"I will install an outside tap - so Freddie doesn't have to wash his motorbike in the kitchen"


Etc etc - you get the idea. ACTUAL THINGS WHAT PEOPLE FIND USEFUL.


NOT "free quotes" or other boring stuff. That commits you to doing work (or at least spend time) without payment.


The card tells the person to put this card in the kitchen drawer with all their other junk. Actually say this and people will.


On the other side of the card - Offer a 10% discount or whatever you come up with if someone presents the card when paying. Kind of like a WH Smith voucher you get people at Christmas.


Each new customer gets TWO cards. One for themselves and one to pass on to their mate.


Hope this helps. Contact me if you need help - Not a free quote though... 😉


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