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Calling anonymously from a mobile

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3 hours ago, Ontarian1981 said:

OK thanks, I was not being judgemental or anything, I was seriously curious about the reasons behind it. Personally, if the number is not familiar or has no name with it, I ignore it on my landline or my mobile. If no message or a sales pitch is on the voice mail, I delete it and forget about it. Thanks again for your reply.

However before I call them I look on reverse look up sites such as Tellows, whocalledme and Should I answer to see if there are reviews for the number. If there are no reviews then I will call unless it is one of those numbers that starts with a couple of zeroes.

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On 03/07/2019 at 05:28, Ontarian1981 said:

 I am the last person who should be on a tech chat thread. However I am intrigued by the pre occupation with anonimity on a phone call. Why does one wish to make a phone call, in this era of call display, and be concerned about the recipient knowing who you are? I, for one, look who is calling,and if it says "unknown name" or " private name" I simply don't pick up the phone. I will check if a message is left later on.

I asked the question because very occasionally at my place of work, we need to make a 'work' phone number from a personal phone and it is quite legitimate to want to withhold the number in such a case.

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