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Disabled Employment

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Are there any businesses in Sheffield who support Disabled people into employment?
Particularly for those with Autism and Deafness?

I'm already aware of Autism Centre for Supported Employment.
Any help is appreciated.

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I can only speak about our experiences and that does not involve deafness.


There are many government initiatives which claim to provide  support.  New ones appear on a regular basis.

They have different target groups and as the carer you have to "sift" which ones provide genuine useful links.


Our route:


Sheffield College - excellent vocational courses and support.

Sheffield Hallam University - negative effect -blocked access  to work and career support and opportunities.

Sheffield City Council - excellent short courses on self employment.

Sheffield Futures on Division Street - had great potential, but we did not use it fully.

Sheffield City Council-Life Long Learning Skills & Communities- Addy Street/Crookesmoor. Provided link for the work experience.

Employment Office- King Street. Very supportive. Interested. CV and  Interview skills.  Web site provided the job. 

Job websites- use Indeed only or you will be swamped with duplicate jobs.


I know that his excallent punctuality, attendence were important, but the fact that his  CV  (had no unaccounted for periods) that covered all his paid and unpaid activities was the clincher in his apllication. Choose referees carefully.


The interview was the easiest bit -  Autism gives an immunity against talking  ********.


The routine of signing on, job searches, creating an online presence, man aging CV punctuated by attending employment courses and regular work placement was initself a positive experience.








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Hi Annie,

I'm really sorry, I don't understand your response?

I'm looking for organisations or businesses within Sheffield who will accept Disabled candidates, or have support to help Disabled individuals into work.


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