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Compulsory Bicycle Insurance - Yes or No?

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4 hours ago, Bargepole23 said:

Disagree. Providing as many people as possible with alternatives to just jumping in the car by default, with traffic free routes, pedestrianised streets etc normalises the car-free alternatives. Encouraging that at an early age is what happens in other countries, we are just lacking the political will to make it happen here. What we get are unsuitable cycling routes, public transport where it is extraordinarily difficult to take your bike, and generally a pitiful level of investment. We will happily spend gazillions on straightening a bit of road, or fattening up a roundabout just so we can fill it with more and more cars, and baulk at spending a fraction of that on non-car infrastructure. I can't see a positive outcome from that route.


Final point. The children on the roads on bikes are generally on side streets, not the A1. They are endangering nobody. The only people endangering anybody are car drivers, either through accidents, or increasing pollution.

On the final point - you’ve exaggerated the scales from a side street to the A1.


i see plenty of children riding on roads which are neither of the above - and are just busy inner city roads. 


Nr pontefract the other day 3 young children were pedalling the wrong way down the road between Castleford and Knottingley which is a nsl stretch of road.


im not saying that’s rife -  but it isn’t isolated either.

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I bought the commuter membership from British Cycling for £24 and it gives me third party liability cover of up to £15m for 12 months. 


It is is an absolute no brainier to decide that this is worth it. 

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