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freight forwarder near island foods?

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Can anyone remember a freight forwarder near island foods I used to load groupage for B and I line Ireland help doing my head in

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Posted (edited)

If it's who i'm thinking of, it was Woodcock freight. I used to take stainless steel in there in the 90s from Shepcote lane. The foreman was a bloke called Sid. 

I noticed you're down as Tufnell driver, i did YTS  there in the 80s, remember a couple of lads Stevie Rooker off the Manor & Jim off the Wybourn, i think Jim was seeing a gaffers daughter. Hope that helps.

I've just thought on, there was also a team in the yard who rented a bit of warehouse, i think ( 90% ) they were called Land Sea & Air, age is a right ******* to your memory.

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