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Informal Badminton Singles Tournament - Seeking Expressions of Interest

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Speaking for myself, I know that I struggle to get practice in singles games sometimes. So based on an idea from a friend who plays Tennis, I've been thinking that it'd be nice to have some kind of informal local tournament, with the idea being that any two people due to play organise the match between themselves at a mutually convenient time. 


If anyone knows of something similar, feel free to promote it? Otherwise, I thought I'd start by gauging interest. 


My initial thoughts are to have no entry costs (but court hiring costs halved between players), everyone welcome, everyone plays everyone within a certain number of weeks (with an average of one match a week), followed by some kind of tournament ladder based on wins/points?


Is anyone interested, or have ideas about how to run such a thing? If it's a question of getting sufficient numbers, suggestions on how to get it to more people would be good too! 




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Hi Ben,

I will post something on our facebook page to see if anyone knows of anything existing and to see who is interested but it sounds like a good idea.



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Thanks, I appreciate it!

It's difficult to know how to get things out there, I don't have a Facebook account personally which could make it tough - so yeah cheers :)

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