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5 hours ago, Ridgewalk said:

Hi Fudbeer. Apologies for the late response. That's very helpful and informative thanks.

I've read that there is a percentage of people who have the opposite problem to those who do no exercise at all, or who are hard to motivate to do anything. I believe I'm part of the former group. The other thing that seems to fit with me is that my reaction to being heavy legged and fatigued is to assume I'm not doing enough so train more in the mistaken belief that I'm not fit and need to do more, further compounding the problem.


I'm always looking for new fitness classes to try, and my OH complains that I'm always at the gym.


Ive been abroad since early May, so removed from my normal environment and routine.

I've used the opportunity to relax and do lots of walking. 

My concern about over training was precipitated by having to stop six times on a relatively short run about four weeks ago as I felt completely exhausted, I actually believed I had angina !  However I've had two medical appointments, one with a Cardiologist, and both say that I'm "A" ok in that department.


Having rested for about 6 weeks I find I feel much better and the heaviness in my legs has gone. I'm walking faster and my other half has remarked on the difference in me generally.


i'd presumed it was down to my age, and obviously that's a factor, but it's looking now like I'd overtrained. I've been hammering my body non stop for years. Also significantly I had four episodes of colds over winter when normally I wouldn't get an at all. All signs of overtraining.





Sounds like me I find it harder to rest than exercise! 


I also had some minor chest pains which stopped when I cut down think I was overdoing it.


Your symptoms sound like classic fatigue through overdoing it we have to take care as we get older the fittest guy I have ever worked with has recently had a stroke and I suspect it may have been down to him overdoing it as he was rarely out of the gym, guess we just have to accept we are not 21 anymore!


Good luck.



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