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Cars parked on juction, Birley Spa lane/Dyke vale road

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Has anyone else noticed how often cars (and vans) are parked on the double yellow lines at the juction of Birley Spa Lane/Dyke Vale Road?


It makes pulling out of Dyke Vale Road to go up Birley Spa Lane very dangerous.


I saw a learner car trying to pull out on Thursday and there was a queue of us there for ages.


Surely the police must drive up there sometimes.


Any thoughts?



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It’s a junction that requires some care,not only for the reason mentioned which obviously concerns illegality.

However,I sometimes have to park on the unrestricted stretch above the bus stop to allow an elderly person to get in or out of the car.

I would prefer not having to do this because of vehicles turning left from Dyke Vale with no awareness at all of vehicles coming up Birley Spa which may be in the process  of overtaking a parked bus or vehicle.

I’ve seen many a near miss and exchange of dirty looks and words mainly because some drivers whip through the give way sign having only looked to their right.

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