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White Lion, Heeley - Events from Tues 14th May

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Tues 14th May: Break-A-Leg
The first of our monthly concert style acoustic music events raising money for good causes in Sheffield

Clean Air In Sheffield is a group of volunteers monitoring air quality and campaigning for change to protect vulnerable people from toxic emissions, especially around schools. They need money to install more online sensors across the city. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1836920213190989/

Ar Faoued - four superb musicians playing an engaging mix of traditional and contemporary music. Paul Chisnell - Vocals, percussion; Ady Hall - Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocals; Rob Jourdain - Violin, Viola; Pete Watters - Guitar, bass, banjo

8.30pm, free entry

Weds 15th May: Quiz Night
The irrepressible Duncan is back with his fiendish but light hearted quiz. 3 rounds of pop culture, music and general knowledge. £30 to be won + spot rounds and the infamous art challenge. What's more, there's even a free buffet to boot with something to cater for every dietary requirement.


Thursday  16th May: Jam Night
Chris Firminger & The TwoJays host this long standing Sheffield Jam session, welcoming performers from across South Yorkshire and further afield. Expect performances from the likes of Thor, Black Sabbra, Ricochet, Open Jaw Fayre and a whole other host of talent. Full P.A. and backline provided, all abilities welcomed. Come play, watch and listen.

9pm, free entry

Friday 17th May: Open Jaw Fayre

From the Foo Fighters to The Beatles, from U2 to The Killers, Open Jaw Fayre have got the lot. A fantastic 4-piece from Sheffield, back on home turf at their favourite venue- this is a gig we're really looking forward to, it's going to be a belter

9.30pm, free entry

Saturday 18th May: Motorkill

Needing no introduction - it's Motorkill. A ball-crunching non stop rock n' roll tribute to the loudest & dirtiest rock band on the planet!

9.30pm, free entry

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