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Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

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On 07/08/2019 at 12:17, iansheff said:

On one of the sites it is saying  about £3.3m.


Radio Sheffield say £1 million? 

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A little disappointed not to get Hector but Borner looks good so far and Bates has a good rep in that position, we've needed pace for years, we've now got it in abundance, the squad looks far more balanced, its been a good window.

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Fulham will be big Hectors next club,they tried to tie up a deal today but the Sessignon deal took an age to sort out,with Onomah bieng part of the deal,it got protracted and they failed to get Hectors transfer sheet in on time

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19 hours ago, Hotmale 1954 said:

Stan's post edited by me:


This, I really can't understand.  :confused:  (I'm not questioning your opinion here) 

We have too many strikers, so one (some) have to go.

So one goes and you (or the club) say we need a striker to replace him???  :confused:

That's IF Rhodes goes to Norwich or Borussia Munchen Glassback or wherever.

Why didn't we keep Joao and let Naarwich have Rhodes?

Is Joao deemed 'not good enough'?

Is Rhodes deemed not good enough?

Is Atdhe a better striker than both of them?

Do we accept that Fletcher is our number 1 striker?

Where does Winnall fit in?


Suppose Rhodes does go near the Turkey Farms, do we still need another striker. or are the 3 or 4 we have left (plus young uns coming through) not considered up to the job?

If that's true, why let 2 go that I, and many others think, are maybe very good options, and keep the 'lesser options'?

Why don't we just make the lesser options available for transfer?

Like I said, I'm getting more and more confused every day.

Joao, Rhodes and Winnall wunt be a bad strike force for someone else, would they?


Winnall has never had a look in, both him and Rhodes both have very good goal scoring records before they came to Wednesday. He wasn't even on the bench at Reading, yet all managers have persisted with the goal machine Nuhiu

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Posted (edited)

Fletcher, Rhodes and Winnall, backed up by Forestieri and Borukov make for a frightening strkeforce. 

Not totally disregarding Nuhiu.

Edited by Hotmale 1954

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