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Looking for older people with history and photos of the Woodthorpe area.

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I am currently working with a group of young people from the Woodthorpe and Lower Manor areas as part as a Community Ambassador Project. We know through our research that there is hardly any informative books written about Woodthorpe and its history. We have found a lot of newspaper articles but we would also  like "real stories" from older people in the area to get a real feel of what life was like on the estate 40/50/60 or more years ago as well as photos of the area etc that you may have. Our ultimate aim is to put together a book detailing as much as we can about the beginnings of the area from the farms, Woodthorpe Hall, the building of the school, the Swimming Baths (still a sore point) and any stories relating to the hardships on the estate when it was built in the 30's. It is really important to us as a group of researchers to get local input as it is our history we want to uncover and share with future generations. we know we won't be able to cover everything but would love help piecing it all together.


We intend to hold coffee and cake meetings at All About You (Charity in Woodthorpe) over the next few months. If you can help it would be really appreciated. You can either contact me by private message or call All About You on 0114 2654165 or email ryszard@woodthorpedt.co.uk

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There's a photo of Woodthorpe Hall , Woodthorpe on the picture Sheffield  site.

Although most of them appear to be of Woodthorpe Hall Dronfield

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