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Esseldo & Ritz cinimas.

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The company who were the owners  were Gleesons in the late 40s and 50s, I am looking for any information on a director called Robert Neill who owned Skye Hall cottages, Brighthomlee Rd, Deepcar, Sheffield.   Morehall  Res was construted around this time for Sheffield Corporation and Gleesons were possible contractors.  Any information  on Robert would be helpfull I am looking for his relatives or children and any other ties to the Sheffield area.




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Please dont give out anyones private or personal information without their prior knowledge and consent.

Thank you.

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Hi Allan...I used to be a regular at the Saturday morning matinees at the Essoldo at Sheffield Lane Top ( which sparked my interest in your post)... through work I have been

( slightly)involved with Gleeson's, but tbh the organisation has changed so much I doubt there will be any joy there.

  I have though  had a decent amount of success in finding relatives through not only my own family history, but in tracing relatives of others and repatriating lost WW1 medals.

   I can't promise anything, but if you drop me a line to

andypickering50@hotmail.com   I'll have a poke about...you never know.


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