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16 MPs claiming cash to rent London homes - while letting out their own

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On 13/04/2019 at 15:28, ECCOnoob said:

What is your point supposed to be?   


There are rotten apples in every barrel.    There are plenty of bent solicitors who have been defrocked.  Plenty of dodgy doctors charged with hideous crimes. 


That does not mean the entire profession deserves to be devalued.


Despite what the reactionaries think being an MP is deemed a senior professional role. 


If people actually looked beyond the headlines and take time to understand what they actually do  and the responsibilities they take on day in day out they would clearly see that.


Even better, why dont people get a taste for themselves.  Download your average proposed bill or some committee advisory report from the net.   Read it thoroughly and analyse its contents.  Make a decision on an amendment you would make and have a go at trying to draft a concise speech which you can present in minutes before the house.   


Try watching even an hour of streaming from Parliament or some recorded committee session and imagine sitting through that day after day week after week.


All too easy for people to shout they can do better when they are on the other side of the fence.



 So what riding do represent again? 😏

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