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White Lion, Heeley - Events from Tues 2nd April

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Tues 2nd April: Jazz Jam
Our twice monthly live Jazz session has arrived once again.

A night giving the stage over to a whole host of local musicians. Expect beautiful ballads right through to burning Be-Bop; meaningful Mainstream to mad Modal; furious Funk to the frightfully Free; lively Latin to luscious Lounge; and classic Cool through to the curiously Contemporary!

8.30pm, free entry. Knock 3 times and say necessity sent you.

Weds 3rd April: Quiz Night
The irrepressible Duncan is back with his fiendish but light hearted quiz. 3 rounds of pop culture, music and general knowledge. £30 to be won + spot rounds and the infamous art challenge. What's more, there's even a free buffet to boot with something to cater for every dietary requirement.


Thursday 4th April: Jam Night
Chris Firminger & The TwoJays host this long standing Sheffield Jam session, welcoming performers from across South Yorkshire and further afield. Expect performances from the likes of Thor, Black Sabbra, Ricochet, Open Jaw Fayre and a whole other host of talent. Full P.A. and backline provided, all abilities welcomed. Come play, watch and listen.

9pm, free entry

Friday 5th April: Blaze

Classic and modern rock covers  from the last 4 decades, from a band who've really got it all. Their first appearance at The White for 2019, are they capable of taming the Lion? Last year they showed their mettle and we expect more of the same!

9.30pm, free entry

Saturday 6th April: The Carnival
Sheffield's answer to a question Bono never asked. If you like beer, loud music, bad language and an awesome night out get y'selves to a Carnival gig whenever possible. It's a cure for the working week.

5 albums, 1 E.P. and many, many jaunts around the world later they're still here doing what they do best, playing loud rock/blues and having fun.

9.30pm, free entry


Sunday 3rd March: Chris McMahon's Folk Session

Hosted by renowned musician Chris McMahon of Treebeard, a Sunday afternoon session of folk music. Expect traditional, expect contemporary, expect the unexpected!

Each month features a guest artist and this month it's Jackalope Tales. With mandolin, guitar, banjo, percussion and vocals, Jackalope Tales  bring the authentic sound of acoustic Americana to South Yorkshire via Texas, Alaska and Dronfield.

3.30 pm, free entry.

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