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Good places to eat in Sheffield

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On 11/07/2019 at 06:27, DerbyTup said:

Made our 3rd visit to Oisoi recently.  Becoming quite a regular there now since the recommendation on here from the minxy one. 


Our previous visit was about a month ago.  On that occasion the food was very good again, but they'd sellotaped some pages of the menu together, the section with the Korean dishes in it.  That was a shame, because on our first visit we had Bibimbap - which, if you haven't tried it - is a delicious mix of meat and vegetables in a hot stone bowl, with a spicy sauce to mix in - and an egg on top.  So, Bibimbap sadly off the menu then on that occasion.  When we asked why we were told that there was a problem with the kitchen downstairs and it's a dish that takes a lot of kitchen space to make - so they've had to stop making it whilst they get the kitchen fixed.  (Seemed a bit of a strange one - but hey-ho!).


So on our most recent visit we looked forward to them having the kitchen fixed and being able to order Bibimbap again.  No such luck I'm afraid.  The kitchen is still out of order downstairs apparently.  So no Bibimbap.  And that section of the menu is still sellotaped together - which kind of suggests this could be a longish-term thing?


On this occasion as well, they had ran out of Sake.  I enjoy Sake with my meal and Oisoi have a long list of about 8 different types of it - but they only had flavoured sparkling sake left, no still sake that could be heated.


Otherwise, the food was delicious as usual.  


I'll try and resist going for another month or so and let's see what happens next time - but it feels to me like some cracks are starting to appear and they are reducing their service and the options available.  It's often the first sign of a restaurant in trouble.  Let's hope not - because it's the best new restaurant in Sheffield for a good few years.  Maybe it's too good for Sheffield?

Noooooooooo! Oisoi must stay! 


I think it could benefit from  advertising / marketing.  Not many people seem to know about it, and its quite tucked away and hard spot. If it was on Ecclesall Rd it would be doing very well. Fine diners tend not to look to the city centre for establishments.

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Yes, that's the place.  Dough, doh.

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