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Sheffield United v Bristol City

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leeds and utd both got similar run ins, going to be tight.

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7 hours ago, Padders said:

Come on Blades, what happened yesterday, not a dig.  I just enjoy reading any comments.

We got beat by the better team on the day.


City did a job on us, they defended high up the pitch and crowded us out in midfield.Its a pity that Duffy was injured, he holds everything together in midfield and we play much better when he's on the pitch. The lad from Everton who played in his place an awful  game and was rightly subbed at half time.


Plenty more ups and downs before the end of the season.

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1 hour ago, Grappler said:

Sorry to hear that Nervy, but to be honest, that's the beauty of the Championship, any team can beat any other team on a given day.  


As much as I want promotion, I can't stand the Premiership,  the same teams, more or less, making up the top six.


Fair play to Bristol City, one of the best sides to visit BDTBL this season, played some good stuff, their number 9, Diedhiou, was a real handful all game, A six footer who could run like an Olympic sprinter.


We were totally undone when O'Connell went off injured.  Stearman or the solid pro, Cranie, would have made more sense to me,  as a sub.


Anyway,  get up, dust off, go again. 

Completely agree about the prem, yo yo between champ and prem is the best way. Thought it was Leeds that would let me down, it will probably be the only game you lose until the end of season so don't think there's anything to worry about

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