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Lady with dementia-Hillsborough, former nurse

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There was an elderlyish lady I used to run into a couple of times a week down at Morrison’s in Hillsborough. She had waist length hair sometimes died purple/pinky sort of colour.


Every time I saw her she would come up and tell me how lovely my children are and tell me about working as a nurse and midwife in Sheffield. During these various chats we worked out she probably delivered me when I was born and trained as a nurse at NGH at the same time as my late mother in law.


Every time I saw her, she wouldn’t remember meeting me before or the conversation and would often repeat the same things, so I think she must have had some sort of dementia. I always stopped and talked to her because she was an absolutely lovely lady and even though she repeated herself often she had interesting stories to tell.


I haven’t seen her in a good few months and I was wondering if perhaps someone on here might know her or know if she’s okay. Hopefully she’s just gone into a residential home. I know she had no children but I saw her eating with a friend/relative in the cafe so she’s not without family/friends.


If anyone recognises this and knows who she is I’d love to know if she was okay, I had become really quite fond of her.

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Sounds a very nice caring person, hope she is ok.

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