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Samsung s8 update issue

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My Samsung s8 had caller display used to say spam or fraud or name of company calling it did latest update yesterday and now it just gives number nothing else I use this feature all the time how can I get it back it's annoying not knowing who's calling also can't block numbers anymore

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I was going to say it's still there but it appears they've removed it in the update to Android 9.0....time for some searching on Google. Which would've got you a quicker answer than waiting for someone to reply to a thread in Sheffield Forum.

I mean this took me 2 minutes to find:


How do I turn on Smart call on Samsung?
How To Deactivate/Activate Samsung Smart Call on Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  1. Open Your Phone/Dialer App.
  2. Click on the Three Dots at the top right corner of the screen and Select Settings.
  3. Select Caller ID and Spam Protection.
  4. Click on the Toggle to Turn it On.
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