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Micro mesh netting

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After having a major problem with the tiny whitefly  on brassicas (particularly Cavelo Nero kale) I am considering for this year only using it whilst the plants are small.

It seems to me that the whitefly got in and because of the netting the larger predators were kept out and the whitefly population exploded.

I believe one of the things to help will be to plant more flowers among the brassicas to attract ladybirds, lacewings etc.

 This  leaves the problem of cabbage white butterflies ( don't you just love nature) which will require lots of vigilance unless someone has a good idea.

I don't use pesticides or herbicides.

The plot next to mine was relatively free of whitefly and that one used no netting or sprays.

Anyone have thoughts or tips to add?

The netting was good for corn and carrots, with very little carrot fly damage.

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Try growing French Marigolds among the brassicas (if you can keep the slugs off them). Whitefly don't like the smell.

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