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White Lion, Heeley - Events from Weds 13th March

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Weds 13th March: Quiz Night

The irrepressible Duncan is back with his fiendish but light hearted quiz. 3 rounds of pop culture, music and general knowledge. £30 to be won + spot rounds and the infamous art challenge. What's more, there's even a free buffet to boot with something to cater for every dietary requirement.


Thursday 14th March: Jam Night
Chris Firminger & The TwoJays host this long standing Sheffield Jam session, welcoming performers from across South Yorkshire and further afield. Expect performances from the likes of Thor, Black Sabbra, Ricochet, Open Jaw Fayre and a whole other host of talent. Full P.A. and backline provided, all abilities welcomed. Come play, watch and listen.

9pm, free entry

Friday 15th March: The Grits

The Grits hit the road towards the end of 2014, and have since built up a reasonable size fan base thru their music, which consists mainly of 'covers' from the 60's/70's Pop/Rock/Soul & Funk genres, BUT, played with a hard edge and a little attitude.

Current members are :- B.B. (BillyBoy) Smith, - Lead voc’s and guitar, Mont Rose, - Guitar/backing voc’s, Joe Bago, - Saxaphone/backing voc’s, Dave Micklethwaite, - Bass guitar/backing voc’s , Tony Corish -Trumpet /backing Voc’s, Lawrence (Lol) Higgins, Drums.

9.30pm, free entry

Saturday 16th March: The Steve French Band
Blues guitar maestro Steve French takes you on whirlwind tour to hear the immortal licks of guitar legends from all over the world - all in one night.

Steve's powerful, yet soulful playing reflects his passion for the music. His wide-ranging musical influences extend from Jimi Hendrix to Freddie King.

"Hendrix, Vaughan, power and passion....a Stratocaster hero
in the Blues tradition"
~ The Star

9.30pm, free entry

Sunday 17th March: Peace In The Park Fundraiser
A host of DJs united on this Sunday afternoon to help raise vital funds for Sheffield's Peace In The Park free festival.

4pm, free entry

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