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will the Blades go up?

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15 minutes ago, Mooks said:

One thing that has amazed me bout the blades theres hardly a player outside the uk that plays for you. 

All home country players l think..

Wish ye well when you go up been a superb achievement.. 

Forever revered for your unbiased honesty.......

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6 hours ago, Hotmale 1954 said:

The levels of investment, the greed, the wages and Sky involvement have to be reeled in in a big way making it possible for every club to be able to compete for the top 6 places in the Prem.

If not, get the 'Big 6 or 7' to trot off to Europe and ruin each other with their billions.

Proper football fans should really be pushing for a European Super League, thereby getting the 'know nothing' billionaires out of the working man's game and off to Yachts in Monaco and Castles in Europe.

I suggest a 20 club Premier League consisting of 'regular' clubs, with no one club allowed to dominate with finances.

FFP for ALL. No exceptions, no loopholes, no back scratching.


Will United go up?

Yes, I think so.

If they do, they deserve it.

Just kicked off at Leeds.

Here we go! 

Well said Hots

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2 hours ago, cmonkes said:

I don't get this "without backing from the board" malarky. This season he has been given funds and has still opted to be sensible and only invest in key areas.


They Brooks money has been handed to Wilder as it has come in via installments....Wilder has used this to bank roll key signings such as Egan ( near 5m) and Norwood (3m)...


We might not be throwing money here there and everywhere but we have spent and the board have backed Wilder financially this year....The gaffer said himself that there was more money available in the pot but he would only spend it sensibly.

You are right the board has seen Wilder has the cash he wants in the Championship and they should be praised for that but if they get in the Prem you would be talking of players costing at least 20mill for a run of the mill prem player which would be ground breaking for the Blades.It is scary really .

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