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Subsidence - Greystones area

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Is anyone aware of subsidence issues in the Greystones area and which road(s) these affect?

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Subsidence, natural slippage and quarrying can be a problem in some parts of Sheffield when house buying.

There were certainly maps of these areas around in the 80s as both our mortgage company and surveyor charged for accessing them. However neither map is annotated with a source.

Natural geology of the area means that slippage on east facing slopes is not unusual.


Get a "full ground stability report" from a firm like Landmark, if buying a house, if you do not get a proper survey done your insurances might be invalid and you might get involved in very expensive litigation.


This map from the British Geological Survey 


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added map

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1. I'd always recommend at least a Homebuyers Survey Report.

2. Most purchases in/around Sheffield usually involve an official CON29M Mining Search- result provided by Coal Authority.

3. Other 'Ground Stability' searches are available online, as per post #2.

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