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is it to easy to do the time or to easy to get away with it

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13 hours ago, Shunter said:

Without going into personal detail, the state of our prison service at the moment is considerably different to that of 20 years ago. Officer numbers are down and inmate numbers are increasing steadily, causing much more lock down time than ever in order to keep control which in turn causes higher amounts of violence. There is a system which categorises its residents but all that does is promote the idea that different levels of crime deserve different types of offence management but when confined together the whole atmosphere is destined to pool as one entity, giving rise to hierarchy from within. Strict regimes are an answer but not acceptable due to many factors, which is the problem. Sadly a lot of people do their time and are quite happy to promote their "Bit of Bird"

Strangly enough myself and another few would be gangsters have been discussing this on the M1 Mess thread, and it seems that they aren't too bothered about breaking the law for their own reasons, whilst a huge proportion of the public are keen to uphold the law, however small or large the offence may be. 

Judging by the sheer lack of respect for the law that some people show, even here on a forum, it's pretty clear to me that they assume it's easy to get away with rather than fear of custody.

It's the apologists that are smothering the whole system. 

Well said.

That is what is needed. Prison should be as much of a scary thought as it was years ago. 

You've confused a discussion about the morality of the law with something else.  Perhaps it comes from having a simple view of the world, all blacks and whites I guess for you.

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On 12/02/2019 at 01:31, prolific said:

judging by the recent crimes in and around Sheffield, seemly the criminals have the upper hand. 

i just wonder what the reason is, no fear or prison or no fear of being caught(due to lack of coppers)



It's pretty typical of people committing a crime that they don't expect to be caught, this tends to stem from one of two places, crimes of impulse where little thought has been given to the potential consequences (punching someone whilst drunk for example), or crimes that are planned where the criminal thinks that they will be able to avoid being caught, for example burglary.  Either way, this means that they don't consider the consequences of being caught, because they don't expect to BE caught.

Hence harder conditions in jail, longer sentences, greater fines, any more punitive measure, has little impact on the rate of crime.

Harsher conditions though, don't rehabilitate, they do breed resentment against society though.  So the outcome is the precise opposite of the desire (at least if the desire is to reduce crime), instead recidivism increases.

Some people aren't actually interested in reducing crime of course, what they want is to feel that revenge is taken and that criminals are harshly punished.  I think that's very short sighted if it results in increased crime.

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The personal comments and bickering ends here.

Discuss the topic, not each other, and if you cant post in a civil manner then its probably better if you dont post at all.


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