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John Cossham @Farm Road. Mon, Feb 18th 2019 at 7:30PM

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The Ethics of Polyamory


John Cossham is an entertainer and environmentalist with knowledge and expertise in the areas of climate change, composting and the art of balloon modelling. However for the the past 25 years he's also been open about being non-monogamous with the knowledge of all concerned, and 13 years after 'coming out', discovered that the word 'polyamorous' matched how he'd been living.


Polyamory describes multiple romantic relationships where consent and honesty are paramount, and a growing number of people are identifying with this 'relationship orientation'. John will explain poly from his perspective, having been chief admin on the UK Polyamory facebook group for 9 years, and will argue that honest non-monogamy is more ethical than cheating, and may lead to richer, more fulfilled lives. Expect a lively discussion following the presentation.





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