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Machete Attack McDonald's Sheffield

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16 hours ago, bendix said:

Arguing that migrants who commit crimes should be deported is pretty much as racist as you can get.  Like it or not, if a migrant is here legally (and there is nothing to suggest this guy isn't), then he or she should be subject to exactly the same laws and punishments as anyone else who is here legally.  That is what 'being here legally' means.   You can't pick and choose.






Legally we can deport people who commit crimes.  And given that this is about nationality and not race I can't see how you'd think it's racist.  Perhaps you think that all people from outside the UK aren't white though?

16 hours ago, ANGELFIRE1 said:

Exactly so. but not the send him home to serve his time bit.

Keep him here until his time is served, use this time to obtain his deportation papers, then on his release day, straight from jail to airport and wave the idiot ta ra. Job done, law complied with.


If he could serve his time in his own country it removes a cost from ours.   And the conditions are almost certainly worse if that kind of thing interests you.

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