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Ski Village travellers site and new development.

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17 hours ago, lil-minx92 said:

I bet 😂

Can you confirm if new age hippies or gypsies? I suspect if you made it out under your own steam it was the former!

I didn't see anyone at all, it was very odd, seemed to be deserted, I was half expecting a large dog to come out and have at me, but that didn't happen either.

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On 06/06/2019 at 13:17, lil-minx92 said:

Just looking at Google Earth I see a lot of the land around it seems to have been populated by caravans- all along Pickering Road & Vale Road. Has this been designated a traveller site or some form of campsite? It looks a terrible mess and public highways appear to have been gated off?? 




They have the Farfield pub a good distance from where it actually is on that map.

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I've tagged the correct location (click on it, then on the left click "add a place"), if a few people do the same they will correct it.



Appears to be updated already, that was easy.

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On 30/01/2019 at 17:00, geared said:

Didn't the last place die off due to lack of interest in artificial ski and snowboarding slopes??

It was superceeded by the stuff in Castleford and Manchester. I went once towards the end of its life and to say it was dangerous would be an understatement. Poorly maintained.

On 06/03/2019 at 21:03, Albert smith said:

The resident new age travellers who have resided at Parkwood Springs for many years are to be evicted from their Holme  later this year . 

It seems as though big business has cast its eye on the site once again and backed by our caring Council have decided that the resident  folk who live a care free life in their buses, caravans and  lean to mixtures of corrugated self build dwellings are a blot on the land scape who will be in the way of any profit making venture that will arise on the site be it ski slopes or other out door activity.

The residents harm no one, they are in a small corner at the top of the site that could  be (is) screened off from the main area ,why do our planners and so called socialists Council behave in a way that ruins the lives of of folk who for whatever reason prefer to live a free and different life.

They can stay if they buy the land. It's how the system works, I'm afraid.

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