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Typing text at side of an inserted photo-is it possible?

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The link below is a shot of my screen, of what I have been trying to do.

I wanted to type in the empty space at the right side of the photo. I am guessing that with the basic letter writing software that comes with Win10 it is not possible. The cursor won't allow this. Is there actually a workaround?

I will not have the Libra stuff until about Monday/Tuesday

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You can usually just, go to the side of the image and type...  however, with 'wordpad' being a bit less advanced, it treats the image as being on a single line of text, and not its own 'element' like full-blown Word etc does...

so kinda like..

Line 1 of text...
Line 2 of text....
IMAGE... + Line 3 of text
Line 4 of text..


... I can't even figure out how you moved your page margins out so far.... the left one won't allow me to move it...


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Ok thanks. I'll wait until after the weekend and try with the  Libra.


Re margins, I didn't use the sliders at the top of the page.  I went the route of file, page set up, margins, then manually changed the pre set margins  from 15 mm to 5mm. Also put the header & footer at 5mm. Can always change it if unsuitable. 

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