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Advice regarding redundancy

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Either way the advice given earlier is all correct regarding how redundancy works, how pay in lieu of notice works and so on.

And presumably the OP is now in a new job.

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On 04/05/2019 at 20:51, Annie Bynnol said:

Whatever you do, do not do anything to jeopardise your current situation by taking time off etc. to give the firm to dismiss you.


Time off for job hunting

If you’ve been continuously employed for 2 years by the date your notice period ends, you’re allowed a reasonable amount of time off to:

look for another job
arrange training to help you find another job

How long you can take will depend on your circumstances.

No matter how much time you take off to look for another job, the most your employer has to pay you is 40% of one week’s pay.


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