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Female ferret needs good home

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Rehome or Sale?  Re-home


Reason for Rehome / Sale  Rescued and now needs her own home


Sale Amount


Location   Sheffield


Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously?   N/A


Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes but she is a ferret!


Age & Sex  Female a year or under


Breed/ Mix  N/A


Colour/coat type  Silver


Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching?  Usually


Live in / out Either, out at the moment


Neutered/spayed  Dont know, probably not


Chipped  No


Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues  None seen


Temperament  Lively, happy, busy, playful, not a lap ferret, lovable and friendly


Vaccinated & Wormed No


Any special knowledge needed  A ferret savvy home needed with other ferrets


General Information you can share


Sparkle was a stray ferret that was living rough for a few days until she was caught, she has now spent her time waiting to be claimed but sadly that didn't happen so she needs a home to call her own.


She is only a youngster last years Baby I would say and so is still very giddy and lively, she doesn't bite but can nip when she is playing and is excited so not a pet for a small Child, she has been living here alone but now needs company and is longing for some friends to play with and cuddle up to.


Sparkle will only go to a home that will neuter or implant her she is not to be bred from, sorry no vasectomised Hobs or Jill jabs, she needs a home that understands about Female Ferrets breeding cycles.


Working homes will not be discounted as long as tracking collars are used and she would be primarily a pet.


Home check will apply.

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