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Toilet Trouble

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Very rare these days day that I find myself on a pub crawl in the Sheffield city centre, I'm more of a suburbs, can I get a seat man. 


Out last Saturday on a family birthday do for one of the younger family members in the city centre, surprised at the state of mamy of the toilets in the 'popular' pubs & bars in the city centre. 


Surely it's not too much to ask for decent washing facilities such as hot water, (which have many don't seem to think is necessary), or a working hand dryer? 


The city centre pubs seem to take enough cash at the weekend, surely they can fix the facilties & provide someone to keep watch on them so they don't get damaged? 


It's about time SCC looked into this.  A restaurant probably wouldn't be allowed to operate without such facilities? 

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Did you report it to the venue? Almost all of them have a poster saying you should if you see a problem.

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