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Missing cat possibly stolen/dumped

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Granville Road S2


Hi all,

We had an attempted break in during the night and our little black cat is missing.  He hasn’t returned home and now we’re seriously panicking.  We’ve been out looking and calling all afternoon.

He’s a little black cat, very skittish and nervous of people, with a yellow collar and a name tag. He has a little patch of white on his chest.  He’s very small and slim and looks elderly/underweight due to an op for significant hip dysplasia.  He requires daily medication for Fiv, arthritis and stomatitis.  He’s also partially blind.

Please keep a look out, there’s no way he’s capable of fending for himself and we’re worried sick.

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Do hope you get your little cat back soon. 

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Ceasar has been spotted moving between the stroke unit, Park grange Croft flats, the entrance to Norfolk park and heritage park school.  He is no longer wearing his collar, if you catch his eyes by light, he has one green eye one orangy eye, please please help

if you can to keep a lookout for him.  Thank you.

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