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Nice - price motorists off the roads

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On 11/01/2019 at 16:39, WiseOwl182 said:

Most of the 75% of car journeys that are 1 mile or under will not be within a city centre. School runs will account for a lot of that. If you think cycling to school and back is quicker and more practical, you're mistaken.

It was set out to explain the 75% of car journeys that are under 1 mile.

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1 hour ago, Cyclone said:

Neither does yours.  In fact you haven't even tried to look any up or provide any evidence.


My theory does have a statistical basis. Thanks for finding it for me.

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On 04/01/2019 at 13:32, ads36 said:

we've built our towns and cities around the car. As a result, we drive too much and walk/cycle too little. this is catastrophic for our health.


and then there's the pollution.

and then there's the crash-casualties.

and then there's the noise.

and then there's the acres and acres and acres of space given to car-parking.


fewer cars and car-journeys in towns and cities ? - yes please!


there are legitimate concerns for those who really do need access to car travel; eg. the disabled, deliveries, etc. Successful active travel projects have the effect of reducing car use, making car-travel easier for those still driving/reliant on cars.


weirdly, some of the loudest anti-cycling voices come from taxi drivers. Since selling our 2nd car a couple of years ago i've used loads of taxis...


i can understand there are concerns about high-street shopping, but cars don't spend money, people do. people-friendly high-streets see more footfall, and more spending.


it really is all win-win.






Maybe the Horse is the solution, every one should have one, An end to pollution overnight. What to do with thousands of tons of horse apples is the question though. Pollution of a different kind.



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yes, because the horse is the only alternative to the car.

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